A Pedalboard Build | Part 1

We admit to having OCD. The condition that is, not the pedal - because we love tidy pedalboards that are ready to rock! When we decided to put together a new Signal Chain board for live demonstrations and workshops, we just knew it had to be perfect. And how do you achieve such perfection? By collaborating with Jack Hudson from JH Productions of course.

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February 22, 2016 Written by Rodger van Raalte 0 comments

The Beginner's Guide To Gain Staging

If there is one thing nearly all guitarists are borderline obsessed with, it's the quest for that perfect overdrive tone. Whether it's a creamy lead sound, or an "in-yer-face" crunch, everyone has their own idea of a 'Holy Grail' tone.

To help you on your search for overdrive glory, I've put together a guide to 'gain staging'. Essentially, this describes how one stage of your signal chain interacts with and drives the next part. When we apply this to stacking overdrive pedals on top of each other, the result is a cascading series of dirty tones that can take you all the way from a mild crunch to a buzzsaw fuzz with just a couple of stomps.

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April 14, 2015 Written by James Di Fabrizio 0 comments

What the Flux are Boutique Effects Pedals!?

If you follow Signal Chain it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re familiar with the world of boutique guitar pedals and you are slowly making your way through a long wishlist with each and every pay cheque, trying to rouse as little suspicion from your significant other as possible.

From the outside looking in, many a partner could be misled to believe that this rowdy fraternity of guitar nerds is a support group for people who pay too much money for any circuit not made by Roland Corp. But, of course, anyone worth their weight in gold Klons knows that The Pursuit of Tone is not a passing fad - boutique is for people who give a Rat.

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January 23, 2015 Written by Rodger van Raalte 1 comment