Why we're here

Foxpedal began building hand-made effects in 2013 with a mission to create products for musicians who thrive on art and beauty. With every release, we aim to create a product that inspires you to respond creatively in new ways as a musician. 

About the name

Hailing from Richland, WA, the name for Foxpedal was inspired by the owner, Todd Billow, whose first name means "fox". He's always been a crafty fellow, and though his designs are sly, his dealings with our customers are anything but. We aspire to have the best customer service in the industry, and recognise that our players and our artists are at the very heartbeat of everything we do.

We are not boutique

Well, at least in the worst sense of the word. In the guitar-effects world, boutique has become synonymous with companies who build small batches, are hard to get a hold of, don't deliver on time, and don't stand behind their quality or craftsmanship. We are a small, hard-working company, who tailors our designs and sounds to our customers. But we won't sacrifice quality or dependability. We build with high-quality components tuned to sound great. If that means some NOS Russian oil capacitors, then so be it. If that means a PCB stacked with surface-mount components, that just fine as well. Backed by our limited life-time warranty that covers all electrical and mechanical defects, you can rest assured that we are building products that last.

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