First of all, a big HOWDY from Robert Keeley. It has been a joy to work with so many amazing people over the years, finding tone and searching for that final touch that defines your tone. I’m even more proud to say that it has worked! People have finally found the tone that’s been in their heads for years! They have found the perfect compressor, found the perfect booster, the perfect delay or mod to their unit; and yes, they have found the Perfect Distortion! Read below for a little history about myself.

So come on in and enjoy our laid-back Web site where you still have all of the features and comforts of a bigger business. We have email and phone support, we work hard to make sure backorders are constantly being addressed and solutions found, we honour our warranties, we care about your tone AND you. Please take an evening to read the reviews on the web at under Keeley, and you’ll see why Keeley Electronics, Inc. isn’t just a manufacturer of high-end musical electronics, but a lover of tone and customers.

A Little Bit About Robert Keeley

I grew up in a music and engineering family. Both my dad and his dad were electrical engineers.  My mom was the nicest, kindest person you could hope to meet. Taught me how to treat people.  Dad played guitar in bands during college days and was a super star in the U.S. Air Force.  I eventually got his 70’s Peavey Deuce amplifier. (JFET input stage, quad 6L6GC outputs, first thing I ever modified, and a negative feedback control to it in 1996 I think.) I started playing guitar in 1978 with a student model Yamaha acoustic guitar my grandma got me. I really dug in when I got to Germany. From 1984 to 1988 I played at least 8 hours a day I swear! Heck, there was Van Halen, SRV, Yngwie Malmsteen, you name it. There was Guitar for the Practicing Musician, there was Guitar Player magazine with Craig Anderton!

I started in electronics in 1989 and have never wondered about doing anything else.  I encourage anyone and everyone to become an engineer. I think it’s the greatest job you could ever have.

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