The only musical instrument products that outnumber guitar effect pedals are probably the guitars themselves. There are companies who specialise in cheap pedals, expensive pedals, single effects, multi-effects, analog, digital, boutique and so on. There are companies that specialise in one type of effect and others that offer every possible effect. What there are very few of, is however, companies that offer a custom designed series of pedals by one designer with a vision of his pedals working together and complementing each other, but still able to stand on their own as individual effects.  

Introducing the One Control Series of BJF Guitar and Bass Effects!  

Who or what is BJF? BJF is Bjorn Juhl, the mastermind behind such companies as Mad Professor and Bearfoot FX (both boutique pedal manufacturers). Bjorn is something of a legend in certain areas of the world, and is known for casting aside popular concepts and principals in his effect designs – analog, digital, true bypass, buffered. Whatever it takes to get the sound Bjorn wants, is what he puts to use. They say that musicians paint their sounds on silence. With that in mind, take a look at the new Bjorn Juhl designed pedals from One Control, and start thinking about your next canvas!

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