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Starting with a huge pedal collection, then an obsession and then moving on to design and manufacturing of our own pedals

Back in 2009 Stone Deaf was just a thought of what might be. I started out with nothing but a massive pedal collection that turned into an obsession. To be honest moving on to design and manufacturing of our own pedals seemed like a pipe dream back then, but determination and good people helped Stone Deaf to move into unknown territory and hit the ground running.

By 2010 the dream had become a reality with Stone Deaf producing its first pedal, the PDF-1.

This is where it all started, with a clone and improvement on the original Maestro MPF-1 designed for Gibson Corporation back in the 1970's by the Synth genius that was Bob Moog.

This pedal was so vastly different than any other guitar pedal, that, to me, it just made sense to improve upon it. A truly unique drive pedal unlike anything else, PDF-1 sported a parametric EQ and active circuitry that allowed for on-the-fly control via an expression pedal.

Active circuitry became Stone Deaf's "thing" because it could give the guitarist a very wide range of tone and that was also something that those involved in Stone Deaf also craved. As a group of people here at Stone Deaf we don't design stuff that follows a trend... we like to set the trend because the trend doesn’t always fit with our needs or many of our customers.

This active technology has shaped the foundation our range of drive, distortion and fuzz pedals: Warp Drive, Kliptonite, Fig Fumb, Trashy Blonde and the successor to our first creation, the PDF-2.

However, we have also delved into the dark arts of digital, giving unprecedented control to analog effects and are actually one of only a handful of companies pioneering this marrying of digital and analog technology within the pedal industry today.

Our first offering in this line was the Tremotron, an all-analog but digitally controlled Dual Tremolo pedal that has won praise and set hearts alight among sonic experimentalists, as well as old-school tone purists.

While the latest release Syncopy Delay, a 100% analog bucket-brigade delay unit, with its full digital control over tempo, subdivisions, repeats, modulations and much, much more, is your perfect sonic centre, where echoes of the past meet and merge perfectly with the technology of the future.

Our quality is achieved because we manufacture our products ourselves in Manchester (England). We are one of but a handful of pedal producers that actually manufacture our products "in house" and with our own electronic assembly line of machinery, everyone chips into the production. We don't use cheap labour, we don't use cheap components and I feel we really give you our customer a lot of value for your money.

Guitar pedals produced by Stone Deaf are completely unique and that’s the way we like it. If you want something generic, then you’ve come to the wrong place. We craft tone like no other, so if distinctiveness is what you crave, then welcome to the magical world of Stone Deaf!

We hope you enjoy our website and we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback.

Best Regards

Stone Deaf

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