SURFY INDUSTRIES is a company based in Sweden dealing with the development and production of electronics for the music industry. In particular we build effects to be used especially with guitar and we market these as finished products and as DIY kits.


It is no secret that we started our business with the development of the "SurfyBear", a reverb controller circuit based on the legendary Fender® 6G15® unit, with the intention of re-creating the same sounding experience, but with reduced transportation issues and costs.

In doing this, the worldwide surf music community has been extremely helpful and supportive, so much that due to these "reverb freaks" we reviewed our development plans based on their suggestions and ideas. In the end, no musical genre cares about the value of reverb more than surf music!

Quality "designed in Sweden"

We guarantee that what we build is done properly and with top components.

Products based on the original vintage

We know what we do and we use the vintage stuff too, therefore we are perfectly aware of the comparison between "new" and "old". This is why we are so convinced about our products, because we know that they sound good. We make portable guitar effects inspired by the great classics... that actually sound like them!

Analog over digital

We do not try to re-create a sound, but rather we work to give you the original tone of an effect. Moreover we are fans of the imperfection caused by analog equipment and we still prefer this technology as it is the most truly realistic.

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