The original Feral Glitch pedal was created to answer what is easily the most-asked question we’ve received in the six years since starting tKoG: “how do I recreate Jonny Greenwood’s random stutter Max/MSP patch with guitar effects pedals?” Since we finished the Kickstarter run of the Feral Glitch last year, we’ve been tweaking the design both to improve its features and to simplify its design. The original Feral Glitch was great for a small Kickstarter run, but it was much too complicated and expensive to produce at scale. With this new design, we’ve created a version of the pedal that provides even better performance while cutting down on cost and production time. It loses some of the Feral Glitch’s bonus features (such as the high-pass filter), but retains all of the pedal’s essential abilities, and the result is an extremely intuitive glitch device.
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