Established in November of 2014, and born out of an insatiable obsession with effects pedals, Signal Chain is the kind of store we always wished someone would start but never did, so we did it ourselves! Having changed our pedalboards as often as our underwear over the years, we know just how much guitarists strive to get the tone in their head coming out of their amplifier. We call it The Pursuit of Tone and it’s what drives us to bring you the absolute best in high quality, boutique guitar effects pedals and accessories.

But there’s more to us than that!

Remember the first time you spoke to another guitarist about gear? The first piece of advice that opened your eyes and ears to the intricacies of good tone? The first time you were blown away by your favourite guitarist’s tone at a concert? These are all experiences we cherish as musicians and at Signal Chain, we hope to bring many more to you through special events, workshops, geek-out sessions and much more! For us, The Pursuit of Tone is just as much about community and shared knowledge as it is about buying and selling.

We now have a bricks and mortar store, located in the heart of Brisbane, Queensland! We're open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm and by appointment on Mondays. You can find out more here.

Thanks for your support and for checking us out. We can’t wait to take the journey with you on The Pursuit of Tone!

Rodger van Raalte
Owner Operator