We're proud to offer experienced and qualified repair and setup work. Although our shop is small, the staff we have can do just about anything to get your guitars, basses, amplifiers, pedals or musical electronics playing and sounding the best they possibly can. This also includes world-class pedalboard planning and setups.

Following is a summary of the services on offer:

Guitar & Bass Repairs

  • free consultation and quote
  • acoustic and electric guitars
  • restring
  • setup
  • fret level
  • basic electronics check and clean
  • custom bone nut or saddle
  • replace tuners
  • re-fret
  • bridge repair
  • cracked or loose brace repair
  • neck reset
  • headstock break repair
  • replace pot, jack or switch

Other Guitar & Bass Work

  • same day prewired kit instal
  • pickup rewind
  • wax pot pickup

Valve Amplifiers

  • standard service and re-bias
  • re-tube
  • modifications


  • free consultation and quote
  • switch repairs and replacements
  • knob changes
  • IC replacements or changes
  • modifications
  • a range of other repairs

Pedalboard Setups

  • free consultation and quote
  • from the smallest grab-and-go board to the largest pro rig
  • high-end solderless or soldered cabling options
  • Signal Chain is proudly a major dealer for Caseman pedalboards
  • soft case and flightcase options


All services are at very competitive rates and we endeavour to provide a fast turnaround. Email us at info@signalchain.com.au or pop into our shop at 11 Logan Road, Woolloongabba for qualified and pro-quality repairs, services and setups!